on codeacademy where can i code myself or can you make a thing that you create your own games


Hi, I think you can create a game using whichever of these programming languages; javascript, php, sql, python, java, and ruby. Find the one which suits you the best (which is the most easy for you). You can also create games not coding like using an application like construct 2 to build games without knowing the languages shown above. Hope this helped you.


how can you do that on a kano


Well never knew about that, thanks for sharing. I don't believe codeacademy has a course to offer for it but you can always ask. If you want to code yourself not using any of the text editor on codeacademy, you will need to install a text editor. Just type in text editor on the browser, it should give you a great variety of ones to choose. I recommend using colorful text editor to understand your code.


thanks than you


and how do you use that one and if it is possible can you ask kano to make update so that we can make games


and if you guys made a thing that unity had that would be great