Code Your Own Adventure 2!


The instructions tell me to add in some if/else statements but I don’t where know how or even why!? Is it just to spice it up??? If so that’s pointless…

Please help! THX


Well, first what are you making?


Its like the first code your adeventure… Im fighting a troll this time


Hmm, I see sounds fun but have you made sure that all the tabs are in the right spot and that you put the closing tabs?


tabs? do you mean the { } thingys?


It works fine. if thats what your asking


Haha, yes those and these <> “thingies”


I don’t any of those so yes I have the tabs in the right spot!


OKAY OKAY, The directions are telling you to put more specifics into your writing, Like when you said YES!
It is saying to say you like that answer yes, because…