Code Your Own Adventure 2!


So I created the "game" pretty quickly to understand the concept of the logical operators so please bare with the random things i wrote. I passed the course, but the problem i was having was the prompt popping up. I run the game and it directly prints the default: . When the first prompt pops up i type in YES and prints the default and says I completed the course. The next prompt I wrote doesn't pop up.

Replace this line with your code. 

var user=prompt("Would you like to play our dating game? YES or NO").toUpperCase();

    case 'Asia':
        var asianGirls=prompt("Do you like Asian girls? YES or NO").toUpperCase();
        case 'Hispanic':
        var latino=prompt("ooo you like latino girls? YES or NO") .toUpperCase();
        {console.log ("Those are great choices")}
            console.log ("no worries we can find the right match for you")
        case 'White':
            var blonde=prompt("Who doesn't like white girls?") .toUpperCase();
                console.log ("we gona find you the right one cuz")
            console.log("Oh so you don't like any of these choices?");


actually I figured out the problem!


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