Code your adventure 2 - Help with Syntax please!


Can someone find the syntax error? It looks right to me, 
after I looked and referenced the overview. Thanks in advance!

(link [here](

var user = prompt("What time should we leave?").toLowerCase();

switch(user) {
    case 'now':
        console.log("Good idea! I'll get ready as soon as I can!");
    case 'in 10 minutes':
        console.log("Sounds good, I'll start getting ready so you don't have         to wait.";
    case 'whenever':
        console.log("I won't get ready until I think we're going to leave            soon..");
        console.log("Okay, we'll shoot for that.");


you simply forgot to close the Parenthesis.


Oh great! Thanks a bunch - I got so excited about being able to type it all from memory that I missed that.. hahaha. Thanks again :slight_smile:


haha ive been there before. no problem, good luck with the course :smile:


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