Code works in Codeacdemy or editor, but not on website


When I create my code in the Codeacademy or editor is works fine but as soon as I upload it to my root directory only have of the changes appear. The font remains unchanged etc, the title does not respond to the css.

Thanks for your help!


the color seems fine when i open the website?

i would include the font:

<link href="" rel="stylesheet"> 

not all browsers might have this font installed by default.

also, what source are you using to learn html? <center></center> is also no longer supported


Thanks so much for your help!

I’ve included the link now, I hope this is the correct way:

Lisa Schumann

I noticed that it displays find in Google Chrome but not in Safari (the browser I was using)

I’m learning on codeacademy but didn’t get as for as centering attributes yet and found this on another website. I’ve removed it now. Thanks for pointing that out!


i would swap the <link> elements, first include the font-family before using it in external stylesheet.


Thank you for your help!