Code won't let me pass

I’m stuck on Intro to JavaScript, Lesson 1 Exxercise 7. I do not get an error message, but I can’t advance. What do I do?

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Is this instruction you are stuck on?

Use the .length property to log the number of characters in the following string to the console:

'Teaching the world how to code'
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I used .length, but I think it is the program. I have reset the exercise several times, reread the text and carefully followed the instructions and used the hint. The program will not let me move forward. What should I do?

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This means,

console.log( ... );


console.log("Teaching the world how to code".length);

I created another account and was able to move forward. I’m not sure what the problem was. Thanks

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I had the same problem. It was my fault, I wrote lenght instead of length.


I am having the same issue. I don’t want to create a new account as I have other lessons I am working on. I know the language fairly well as I have created websites before and used Node.js and React so I know that what I am doing is the correct syntax but it’s not taking it. How do I go about forcing the lesson to pass me?

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