Code Together

This is the name of a proposed new forum category I would like to suggest for Codecademy.

A place where we list our Open Source projects and put out the call for coders to join us; and thus providing a natural path from learning languages on codecademy, to putting those skills to good use via involvement in Open Source projects (or just little fun play / teaching projects) originated right here on codecademy, by the codeacademy community…

Let me know if I’m crazy.

Thanks :+1: :grin:


Also it seems there are a lot of folks here learning to code because they want to switch careers.

There are obviously paid things on codecademy that they can do… but they may not be accessible to all, financially.

I wonder how some of those career switchers would feel about contributing to open source projects with other codeacademy graduates and veterans?

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Well I don’t know about others, but I’m definitively down for well pretty much anything. I’m not sure if I’m at a level where I can help much (yet !!), but I found out (by making a dummy website to try what I learnt, or messing a bit around with git) that it’s definitively a good way to get a better grasp at things. Plus I started to understand that you can understand a lot, just by reading other people’s code =)

And if I can help others in the process, then all the better for it !


We could start with one that @antonjw DM’d me about… The page in my profile. It is a very simple re-usable interface that bears examination.

First thing to do is get it up on GitHub, then concentrate on the responsiveness of the UX. Only then should we delve into the JS.

Someone with GH expertise could walk me through getting this into a repro on @weegillis. (This CC profile is me, but I don’t respond or post from this username. It’s a low TL account for testing.) It is also me on GH.

My granting clause will be based on non-commercial use of the interface. Commercial application rights reserved.

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