Code seems too be on point with the example shown. Whats wrong?


My Code

if(3 < 2) {
bubbleshape = "circle";

else {
bubbleshape = "square";


if(15 > 5) {
bubbleShape = "circle";

else {
bubbleShape = "square";


In your code you haven't used the exact variable name that the exercise is expecting. JavaScript is case sensitive.

Also, here is your if statement, in English:

if 3 is less than 2 
    make circles
    make squares

Is that going to do what you have planned?


Yes but when I hit submit an error pops saying this "Oops, try again. Write an if/else statement that makes the bubbles circle-shaped. Adapt the if/else statement from the the example on the left."


Right, so looking at your if/else statement that I wrote out in English for you, does it make circles or squares?


squares, Thank you just changed my code too.