Code revision request for my custom website

If anyone would be kind enough to revise my code and offer some notes on how to improve it,
I would appreciate for real!

My main concerns on this project are:

javascript readability, logic, maintainability.
CSS efficiency and responsive practices.
UI and UX.

Any observations will be much appreciated to consider them when working on improving this project later this week.

Thank you!!


I’ll give some suggestions in regard to aesthetics (they’re really picky):

  1. The © symbol on the bottom seems like it has been spaced down too far.
  2. The colors get real wonky as you shrink the webpage. Almost as if the paragraphs break free of the containers they’re in relation to the backgrounds.

Code wise, I noticed a few instances of <br/> in your index.html. I would suggest avoiding this. If it’s a word or two that needs unique spacing, I would suggest wrapping it in a <span> and apply some CSS to it that way. <br/> is too unpredictable and can potientially cause responsiveness issues.

I hope these suggestions prove useful. I love the header that you’ve created and the moving background near the top of it.

Keep up the great work.

Appreciate you! Gonna put your comment to work!