Code Review: Tea-cozy project

Hi! I just completed this project called Tea-Cozy for the front-end developer path. I would love a code review, and, I wouldnt mind doing a code review for anyone else lokking for one. I’ve been coding for almost a full month, so ANY constructive criticism is welcomed. Thanks! :grin:
Here is the CodePen.



It looks great, well done! There’s only a couple very minor things I would suggest:

  • To update the the href’s of the nav bar links to link down to the appropriate headers on the page (at the moment they just don’t do anything)
  • At the moment you have quite a few divs with class names like container or footer, in general, it’s best to replace these with semantic html tags such as <section> or <footer> for accessibility purposes as it’s clearer to any user viewing your site with an assistance device such as a screen reader as well as any other developers looking through the code.

Great job completing the project, congrats! :clap:

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Thank you! I appreciate your response so much! Thats very enlightening… I ended up changing the anchor tags not too long after posting the codepen, haha. I’m going to update it no.

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