Code Review Request: Tea Cozy

Hey there.!

I had some difficulties maneuvering the #locations section such that the


would center itself with the .location-boxes
in the entire . If you have any good refactoring tips for that, as well as pointing out any other html/css code cleaning it would be appreciated.



Hi. Good job on the project. I took a look at your code and although I have to admit I’m someone who is constantly nudging code until it’s right but I think the two changes to these elements would make it easy for you to center the Locations header in relation to the location boxes below it if I understand correctly that’s what you’re trying to do.

I made your locations container flex and 100% width, so they will be evenly spaced and then the entire locations box can be flex, as a column. I hope this helps, or if I’m not understanding your needs correctly, let me know.


Brilliant! Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your changes make much more sense. It helps too to be looking at this again nearly two weeks later. I feel I can understand your answer much more than when I originally tried writing this myself.

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