Code Review: E-Commerce App (REST API)

Hey guys. Just finished up the e-commerce app REST API portfolio project. My project’s repo can be viewed by clicking here.

I’m calling my app “Kibandaski”, which is a popular slang term in Kenya for kiosks with small seating areas that serve hot food (one of these is a “kibanda”, which is Swahili for “hut” or “shed”).

The project for the most part wasn’t too difficult; the most challenging aspects for me were the authentication and hooking it up to Swagger UI (which I still haven’t done properly because I can’t get my Passport.js basic strategy to work in order for users to be able to log in to try out the endpoints that require authentication). I also had a bit of a hard time working with node-postgres in the beginning (because Codecademy’s learning environment uses MongoDB boilerplate code when teaching you Passport.js) but once I got that down it was pretty much smooth sailing creating my CRUD functions to interact with the database.

I started the project almost two weeks ago (17 July), but finishing it only took about five days of active coding; the rest of that period I spent pondering my existence and crying myself to sleep.

I still need help sorting out that Basic authentication so that my API documentation can work properly, so if anyone has insight on that, it would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, feel free to look over the code and give feedback. Thanks!