Code Review: Dasmoto's Arts & Crafts

I am on career path “Front-End Engineer”. Currently my progress status is 16%. I made the “Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts” project and I am looking for some help with the code review. Here is the link with my code:

Thank you!

Hi nevenamihaylova I’m on career path “Front-End Engineer” Current progress is 9% . I am looking for someone to review my code too.
Dasmotos Arts and Crafts

Hi feequi,

The code looks good. I have only two suggestions. I am not sure it is good practice to use camel case for names of the classes, ids, etc. I have noticed that in the projects here and in the some of the websites I inspected, the names of the classes and ids are written in this format: “sub-heading”.

The other suggestion is that you may put a class in the strong tag and to define the styles into this class. Also I think that display:inline is not needed. Have you tried without it?

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your review it is really helpful. Great to know regarding camelCase and yes the inline is not needed, it was left from when I tried to nest two

tags :smiley:

Your code looks good too. I did notice that you repeat the font-family for each of your headers and paragraph. I think you could set this with *{ font-family:Helvetica,} similarly with font-weight

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Thank you for the feedback!