Code Review: Dasmoto's Arts and Crafts

Hello all, I am Joy and from the Southeast in the United States. I have completed the Front End Engineering course up to 10% at this point. I am looking for some help reviewing my code and would be willing to do the same in exchange. Any tips on efficiency or better organization would be appreciated.
DAC_cr_html.txt (1.5 KB)

DAC_cr_css.txt (506 Bytes)

Hey joy, glad to see your progress in the front-end course. I am currently at around 55% myself. I looked at your code and here is some ideas for improvement.
in HTML file:

  • right under the body tag, instead of <header> tag, use <h1> tag to name your website title. The <header> tag is mainly used to wrap all your content in the header section like banner, navigation, and other content that goes in the top section of a website.
  • also, I’m sure this is because you pasted the code in the .txt file but the code is not properly indented and hard to read and follow-through, but this is a minor error.
    CSS file:
  • some of the repeating property like, font-weight and font-family can be better written like this
selector1, selector2, selector3 {
    font-weight: value;
    font-family: value;

besides that, good job on finishing the projects joy!

Thank you for your feedback! I will take a look at code again and try and implement these ideas.