Code Review: Dasmoto's Art & Crafts

Hi everybody, my name is Bobby and I’ve been on the Front End Engineer career path and I’ve reached the point where I need a code review in order to check my learning. I would like feedback on the overall structure of the code, does it make sense? Do my sections make sense? Does the font-family solution for the whole page make sense? What could be better? I appreciate any constructive feedback!

Dasmoto’s Arts & Crafts


This looks exactly as it is intended to, so good job! The only thing I noticed is that “Starting” is spelled “Strarting” in the brushes section. If you feel up to it, you can challenge yourself by styling the page outside of the listed parameters–giving yourself a basic site to do test runs on.

Happy coding!

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Thanks for taking the time to review my code! I’ve fixed my spelling error on my local files and added in a navbar. I will continue updating the style as my skills and competency grow. Thanks again!

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