Code Review - Board Slides for FoodWheel

Hi y’all, just finished the Board Slides for FoodWheel project, if anyone could look through the code, it would be great :blush:
Here’s the link to the code… TIA

I am only a beginner, but it looks good to me. I do have a suggestion that could increase the readability of one of the graphs.

Question 10.A histogram of the amount spent by each customer over the past six months with a range from 0 to 200, bins= 40

When i look at the graph i find it difficult to differentiate between the different bars of the graph. Eventhough it goes beyond the scope of the question, maybe it is interesting to see if you can find ways to adjust it so that it becomes more clear i.e. space or lines between the bars

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Thank you for taking time to review my code, I will definitely give your suggestion a try :slightly_smiling_face:

while you are at it. i recently learned something new

You could try to make a “Scatterplot” instead of this graph
And after you make that add a regression line

This will immediately show you the relation between the 2 variables, but also looks pretty cool

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