Code returns false when number = 3


I am having an issue with this control flow exercise. The instructions want me to check if a number is even, and the code returns "True" for even numbers, but I keep getting an error message that says my code returns false when number = 3, and make sure it returns true if the number is false (opposite of what the instructions say to do). I can't seem to get past this


Hi here this part

number % 2 === 0

Should be inside the if condition

if (condition) {

else {



also be mindful of when you put something in "" it becomes a string so if you put in "true" it returns just a string with the characters true , if you don't use "" it returns a value of true


The original post should say that the error tells me to return true when the number is odd.

I made the above mentioned changes, and continue to get the same error message.


Hi your if statement should be like that

if (number %  2 === 0) 


Thank you, that worked.