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Hello, coders! I am having a bit of a problem setting my_string equal to "Ruby". Here is a link to the exercise I'm stuck on:
[Introduction to Ruby](http://

I did exactly what the instructions told me to do, but in the box where your code runs, it just says"uninitialized constant Context::Ruby" and when I try to submit, it just says,"Oops, try again. It looks like you didn't set my_string to "Ruby"." In my code, you can see that I did set my_string to "Ruby".

<img src="//" width="690" height="321">



Sorry, the link got cut off. Here it is again:


Once again, my apologies. I accidentally inserted the screenshot of my code and not the link. This time, I will get it right.


You're supposed to create a string containing letters R-u-b-y, yes? If you just ask yourself what you're meant to do, and then how to do that something, then I think you'll find it very easy to look up by googling or even looking back to earlier exercises


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