Code Problem: "printIn" (with an "i" capitalized) or "println" (with an "L")?

I have a problem with this type of code:


Whenever I use printIn with an “i” capitalized, it shows me the error.
Then, I change to use the small “L”, which would be “println”.
They look alike, but the system accept the “L” instead of the “i”.
I got so confused.
So is it “print in” or “print ln”? (* l means “L”)

its println, with the l of lucas, ln is a shorthand for line, that will help you remember it :slight_smile:

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Wow, that’s really help me out. I always think of it as “print in” LMAO.
Anyway, thanks a lot XD.

but print is considered output (seen from the Java program standpoint), so then in would be weird. But good that line will help you remember it :slight_smile: