Code Phrase Generator: Mixed Messages

Hi everyone!
Here’s my code for the Mixed Messages project, which I’ve made into a spy-style code phrase generator. It gets pretty MadLib-y, but it’s fun. GitHub - johmert/MixedMessages
I found the design and creation of the project to be pretty easy and quick to execute - roughly 2-3 hours.

Thanks for taking a look! I appreciate any and all feedback you may have :slight_smile:

Hi John,

I just ran your ‘Mixed Messages’ program. Like the original theme used.
I ran it several times. The program could be a good learning tool for students in linguistics.
I would have added a ‘SetUp’ to your READEME to let viewers know how to run your program locally.

  • Download your js file
  • then in terminal $ node name-of-file.js

Thanks so much! That’s a great suggestion, and I will add that now!

Also, I should have said, my name is Jessica :slight_smile: no worries!

Hi Jessica,
Oh no, didn’t mean to call you John. I will look more closely when I provide feedback from now on.