Code passes but doesn't work [Virtual Computer]


I followed all the instructions for this exercise and it makes sense to me. However, when I try to actually call a method from the instance I made, I get an error:

undefined local variable or method `username' for #0x00000001391b50>

Did I miss something? This is really getting on my nerves...

class Computer
    @@users =
    def initialize(username, password)
        @username = username
        @password = password
        @files =
        @@users[username] = password
    def create(filename)
        time =
        @files[filename] = time
        puts "#{filename} was created by #{username} at #{time}."
    def Computer.get_users
        return @@users

my_computer ="user22", "somepassword")


Hi this line

puts "#{filename} was created by #{username} at #{time}."

it's missing the @ to username


I feel like an idiot now...thanks!