Code not working


I don't understand why the following message keeps popping up:
"Oops, try again. It looks like your search function doesn't return contact information for Steve.".
I have worked on this for many hours. Can someone see where the mistake is? Thank you!

var friends = {
bill: {
firstName: "bill",
lastName: "Bill",
number: "123-456-7891",
address: ['Three Coffee Lane', 'Rancho Viejo', 'CA', '33098']
steve: {
firstName: "steve",
lastName: "Steve",
number: "345-678-9123",
address: ['Two Gosship Circle', 'Jackson', 'NY', '86724']
var list = function (friends)
for (var key in friends)
var search = function (name)

    for (var key in friends)
        if (friends[key].firstName === name)
        console.log (friends[key]);
        return friends[key];


Your for statements should be for (key in friends){ rather than for (var key in friends){ and it appears to be working to me on, but I can't find that exact lesson on Codecademy. The one I did was different.


Hi Dantemp,
Thanks so much for responding. This is lesson 14-7 entitled: Search for a friend. There are 2 cases of "for (var key in friends){ and per your instructions I tried all combinations of using/omitting var. Unfortunately I still get the same error message above.


@ballewh1 I apologize for confusing you, inconveniencing you, and wasting some of your time. After looking at it some more, I discovered that the problem was not with your function, but rather with your object. You need to capitalize the first letter in both first names, like so, firstName: "Bill", rather than firstName: "bill".


Adding to @dantemp point, can you format your code please? This should help on that... Thankyou


Thanks very much Dantemp! That worked. What is the reason for that?


It was looking for something with a firstName assigned to "Steve" rather than "steve"