Code not printing

num_shape = input ("Enter the number of sides of the shape: ")

if num_shape == 3:
    print ("the shape is a triangle")

elif num_shape == 4:
    print("the shape is either a square or a rectangle or a trapezium")

elif num_shape == 5:
    print ("the shape is a pentagon")

elif num_shape == 6:
    print ("the shape is a hexagon")

elif num_shape == 7:
    print ("the shape is a heptagon")

elif num_shape == 8:
    print ("the shape is a octagon")

elif num_shape == 9:
    print("the shape is a nonagon")

elif num_shape == 10:
    print("the shape is a decagon")

Please help, my code not giving the print output


In the other topic:

Debugging code

you seem very well aware that input() gives a string. I am confused, if you know that input() gives a string, why no casting occurs? Or comparison using strings?

I am so sorry the error didn’t even show me that l am mixing integers and strings, l think am tired