Code missing?


For some reason, when I accidentally deleted the code for the index, it does not pop up anymore. I do not see the code! Someone, please help! :confused:

The link is down below:

I am stuck at Organizing HTML & CSS. I am stuck at Classes, IDs, and Divs:



Resetting will course all the code to go back to original, I think that would be best.

Click get help > reset


there is no reset button


click on get help then you will see reset


its not there i only see the terms one and the need help with exercise no
reset.. i know what u r talking about but its not there


Hmm, I see the option is gone as well, wonder why CC removed it, Have you tried using another browser or clearing cache ?

If that doesn't work then I will have to give you the code.


I tried, however it still doesn't work... it is linked to my account


And I really would appreciate it if you did give me the code :slight_smile:


I will private message the code, in order to avoid other learners from cheating :wink: