Code is unreachable error

def gcd(n,m):
# check for the smallest number
    divisor= min(n,m)
    print (divisor)

#Finding the greatest divisor
    while n % divisor != 0 and m % divisor != 0:
        divisor -= -1

    print (divisor)
    return divisor
    return m
    return n

print(gcd (24,32))

I am getting this error here, please help

return hands back data to the caller/function call, which signals that the function is done executing, so we can only return a single value.

this single value can of course be a container (dictionary, list) containing multiple values

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so what should l do, I use one return statement and the rest a print statement?

that is up to you, I have no idea what the task/assignment is

one return statement for sure

I don’t see the value of returning n or m, these values do not change. Seems returning divisor should be sufficient

def foo():
  return 1, 2 

a, b = foo()
print(a, b)

Wouldn’t this be considered returning multiple values?

no, python wraps the return values in a container/wrapper:

def foo():
  return 1, 2 


I included this in my answer:


Ahh, okay. I thought you were meaning:

def foo():
  return [1, 2]

Good to know.

any container type (dict, list, tuple) will do, this:

def foo():
  return 1, 2 

is the same as:

def foo():
  return (1, 2) 

Its still one return value (a tuple) containing multiple values

the latter being somewhat more explicit, but you can still see here:

a, b = foo()

that you are unpacking the values, so clearly they where packed


thanks got my answer