Code is too picky on formatting

In a number of the exercises, I write the code, and go to run and get an error. After a few attempts, I hit the “Get Code” button, and it gives me the same exact code I wrote, just formatted different.

Example: For one, I wrote
with daily_revenue as (select date(created_at) as dt, round_sum(price), 2) as rev
from purchases
where refunded_at is null
group by 1)
select *
from daily_revenue
order by dt;

This would give an error: Error: near line 1: near “as”: syntax error.
Moving the “select” keyword down a line does nothing and produces the same error. Hitting Get Code gives me the following:

with daily_revenue as (
date(created_at) as dt,
round(sum(price), 2) as rev
from purchases
where refunded_at is null
group by 1
select * from daily_revenue order by dt;

There is no difference in the code, aside from how it is formatted. It really makes this course difficult to complete or even get into.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve resorted to “Get Code” and working backwards. Certainly not ideal, but what’s finally accepted is identical to what I had.

OP: I noticed you have round_sum(price), 2) as rev - does it make a difference if you change it to round(sum(price), 2) as rev?

hmm, the example I used would have a typo, go figure. So I guess this one’s on me, but in other ones it’s been exactly the same. I just happened to copy a bad example.

This is so true, and it is frustrating the learning process fr me.

I have to keep coming on here to see if I’m forgetting a space, not indenting, or incorrectly capitalizing something - or if it’s truly something wrong with my code.

I wish someone would review this entire course & correct it; I didn’t have this issue with the introductory SQL track, nor the command line I did today.