Code is note working


At last cores i wrote this code:

var name = "MartinLutherKing";

if (name.length >= 5) {
console.log(name.substring(0, 3))
else {

I got this: It looks like you didn't log the correct string to the console! Make sure to use exactly the string shown.

I don't know what is wrong with my code, because it works perfectly...


I'm not sure if you can compare Alphabets "x+y >= 5" try to replace it with the number which = true.


Yes, My mistake. I was testing something and i paste wrong code. I changed the code, but still have same problem...


How many words its says to log you have done in range of 0 - 3.


There is no limitation, But it seams we have to use "I finished my first course!" as a "true" result....

Thanks a lot. :rose: