Code is correct but it won't change anything in the display


Same issue. Code is correct but it won't change anything in the display.

body :nth-child(4) {
font-size: 26px;

I can get the code to change the display but only if i take out the body selector and use (2) instead of (4) and then it changes all the code to 26px. Very strange.

heres what that code looks like. I know its wrong.

:nth-child(2) {
font-size: 26px;

i also have a random "R" in the display above the top of my H3 line of code, can't figure out why as it's not in my coding anywhere.

Problem at 23.Pseudo selectors (Review)

ive never seen a random "R".. thats very odd


Can you show us all your code? I just had a weird problem with the nth-child aswell where i had to enter nth-child(5) to change sth which was the third child because it counted
tags as children of the tag aswell and i had 2 of those in between.


Alright i figured it out! Not sure what was going on, just left it alone for a while and tried it again today. Works now, the R went away too. not sure what that was about. thanks though!


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