Code for Additional Header in Blog Section of Certain Pages - Blogger


I'm trying to figure out how to add a static photo on certain pages on The location should be the same as where the slider is on the homepage - just on other pages on the site. And each page will need a different photo. I'm not sure where to put the code.

What makes it tricky for me is that the pages labelled "Eat" "Love" "Live" and "Heal" aren't actual "pages" published in the site - their URLs are just the page you get when you search each of the topics a blog post can be tagged with. Like this for example:

Any ideas?


What do you mean? You want to have a sort of master page (the same header and footer, and you can change the body depending on the page?)

Learn a server side language, you need it. 3 options: php, python -> django, and ruby -> ruby on rails.

php is the easiest, it is simple to get it up and running.