Code Error (Multiple return values)

im having all kinds of issues with this one and im not sure why I get any where from a syntax error to errors I don’t quite understand I write the first part as follows def get_boundaries(target, margin): and it still wont progress past the first steps. I have also enter the low_point information as well as the high_point can someone please help me makes some sense of this error

If you would show your code (if you do so, please use the </> icon from the menu bar to preserve the indentations and render your code as readable Python), it would be so much easier to try to make sense of the error.

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Im having the same issue! This is my code:

def get_boundaries(target, margin)

And this is my return:

File “”, line 1
def get_boundaries(target, margin)
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Im on step one and i dont really know what to do

Be sure to complete the signature line with a : (colon) to open the function code block.