Code Editor within a Website?

Good Evening,
Today I am her not to talk about any issues but to ask a simple question. After finishing my last project, I am looking for something challenging and hence I want to ask if there is a way to have a code editor - (just like you guys have on your main website) on an HTML website. I would like to create one and maybe even try to include it in future projects.


If possible, please provide links where I could learn how to create such a web page.

It’s possible.

It will probably take PHP and JS.

I would recommend looking through open source js based code editors, and learning how to implement JS into html.

I can’t find any links specifically regarding making a web-based code editor, but if you want I can compile a list of links for implementing JS into HTML, as well as building your own code editor.

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Thx that would be helpful. I know it going to be hard but I don’t expect to do it overnight.