Code Editor Stating correct answers are incorrect

This is now my second time signing up for Codecademy Pro and I have run into the same problem I had the last time around.

On certain problems, the code editor will not approve my code despite it being identical to the solution.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Beyond being frustrating and confusing to a relative newcomer to coding, it’s extremely disheartening. I fully understand the concepts and try to alter the code to be as generic and similar to the examples as possible prior to checking the solution only to find that the solution is identical to my own…

and, upon restarting the exercise, the code continues not to work when I write it, only once I finally click the ‘show solution’ do I receive the green check.

I am currently using the Chrome browser but wondering if there could be something else wrong.

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Hello @davislaulau029594330, welcome to the forums! Could you post a screenshot of what the browser, and make sure to double check that there are no typos, etc.

As far as I can tell, no typos and it’s identical to the solution provided, except it doesn’t work. Can you see any errors or explain why this is happening? This is not the first time I’ve had a similar experience using the editor

Hey there, it appears that you’re not providing any input?

After clicking Run, a blinking cursor will appear right after analyze:

You need to click on it until you’re able to write something. Then press enter to confirm.

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Yes, I did that but still didn’t work after the first failure. Doesn’t seem very logical educationally that failure to input would render the coding assignment as a failure…

Hi @davislaulau029594330 I’m a bit late here, but I’m on the Customer support team here at Codecademy (some of the moderators here asked me to jump in over the weekend). I’m not entirely sure what the error is here and if you’ve resolved it yet, but I’m happy to take a look into it if it’s still occurring. Reach out to us here by selecting “contact us”, and I’ll grab the ticket.