Code Editor Problem

I’m currently learning lessons on CSS. Recently the code editor isn’t loading properly. When I run a code it takes forever to complete. My internet connection is stable and I have switched different browsers but the result is same. Is anyone having the same issue?

Hello @muansayed, welcome to the forums! I will move this into the ‘bugs’ category, but could you please post some information about the worst browsers, etc.

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Hi @muansayed, are you still having this problem?

I’m currently doing “Media Queries” in " Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Github Pages". The problem hasn’t changed yet. Usually it is super fast but now the “Run” button keeps loading for minutes after clicking it. And the left side of the browser also behaving like this!

Hi @muansayed, sorry for the delay.

Can you let me know whether this problem is still happening for you?

If so, please try the Troubleshooting Guide below:

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