Code editor not working

Trying to use Codecademy but I am unable to use the code editor. I have tried restarting and using different browsers.

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Hey there - welcome to the forums!

It can be annoying when the learning environment doesn’t behave. It looks like there’s something not connecting to Codecademy in the background.

There’s a guide on troubleshooting common issues here:

Please give the suggestions in there a try, and let us know if any of them fix the issue. :slight_smile:

Tried all those things but I went and made a new account and it works. This new account is a free account while this one is pro. Idk what the reason could be

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Hmm, that is weird.

If you’ve been able to get the editor working by registering for a new account, I’d suggest that you ought to raise a ticket with Codecademy here.

They will hopefully be able to fix whatever is up with your Pro account. :slight_smile:

Will do! Thank you so much for the help

I have the same problem, and I noticed a certain failed GET request in the console that might be helpful GET net::ERR_FAILED

I have the same problem, but I’m on a school chromebook. However, it is not that the entire page is blocked, so I don’t think it is the school wifi. I’m not sure what to do. It says “lost connection to Codecadamy.” That could be the problem. It has not worked for two days.

Nevermind it just fixed by changing wifi :blush:

I have the same problem on my school chromebook, except sadly it’s not being fixed by changing wifi. Anyone have any tips. This is extremely frustrating :frowning: