Code editor not working

Trying to use Codecademy but I am unable to use the code editor. I have tried restarting and using different browsers.

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Hey there - welcome to the forums!

It can be annoying when the learning environment doesn’t behave. It looks like there’s something not connecting to Codecademy in the background.

There’s a guide on troubleshooting common issues here:

Please give the suggestions in there a try, and let us know if any of them fix the issue. :slight_smile:

Tried all those things but I went and made a new account and it works. This new account is a free account while this one is pro. Idk what the reason could be

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Hmm, that is weird.

If you’ve been able to get the editor working by registering for a new account, I’d suggest that you ought to raise a ticket with Codecademy here.

They will hopefully be able to fix whatever is up with your Pro account. :slight_smile:

Will do! Thank you so much for the help