Code editor not working

I’m trying to start a new course (python), but no matter which course I open the UI code editor doesn’t seem to load or allow me to click into it. I looked in the console and I just see a lot of this error (same in safari, chrome, and firefox): Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406

How can I fix this and/or does this happen for anyone else? I’ve submitted a ticket, but they are taking 1+ day to reply…

Hey dude…have you tried another browser?, do you get the same issue?

Hey, yes I’ve tried it in safari, chrome and firefox. I also tried rebooting in guest mode and all gave me the same issue!!

Any help would be great, I’ve been trying to start the course for a couple of days now!

Ok, first of: What exactly happens?
Does the next button not work, can you not type in the code editor?

Hi burningcat, so this happens no matter which course I open. I can’t type in the code editor or click next. I’ve tried all of the usual fixes (celar cache, different browsers, everything up to date etc).

When I open the terminal it has the following errors

I had that problem too, but I was able to just refresh the page and that made it work. Maybe try restarting your computer or check your internet connection. Hope you solve it soon!

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I’ve tried that. Restarting etc. My internet connection is really fast too…

Ok I figured it out, but it’s really weird!

I log into Codecademy using Facebook connect, however even when I tried it on my iPad I still got the same above errors for every course. SO I signed up for a competely new account (using Google login) and now I can access everything and everything works, but now have a seperate new account.

Anyway, very odd!

I signed in with google account since the beginning and it doesn’t work

Hi guys,

I’m running into the same problem. I tried to unlink any other account to my codecademy account but i’m still getting the same error. Tried different browsers, incognito, etc. but it still gives me an error on the console. Could anyone please help?

I am getting the same issue. I also made a new account and it’s not working on that one either. The thing is I have a pro account that I got because I am a student and I would like to continue using it. I would really like some help.

I have the same problem.

codeacademy must be down or something. I cant use the text editor or terminal at all.

Same here, let’s hope it will be back up again soon.

Glad its not just me.

Same here. I’ve logged a bug report too. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

Try clearing cookies for the site. Worked for me.

Same here.

I have to try @sdbarrington_4f349a5 idea

same Here

I have to try your idea