Code Editor is not working in Learn Python course

Hi guys,

After the new release on 1st of August i am not able to continue with the course. My progress is not deleted as most of you already complained but i am stuck at 85% - 10. It’s Not All Animals and Fruits from the Classes lesson.

If i choose to Reset excercise i see the following message:


After pressing reset the Workspace is restored but again i am not able to continue as nothing happens.

Any advise how to deal with this issue?

I would suggest to wait a few days…as work is in progress
How do i regain my lost progress in Python

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i’m stuck at 38% the same exact issue
i hope they will fix it soon

I have no problems to retake the course but the problem is that i am stuck at this situation. Thanks for your answer anyway! :slight_smile:

Well give them (the Codecademy-Team) a break
give them a couple of days to do the Transition from Python-old to 100% Python-new

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Still no update on this topic?

Hi this is happening to me now, are they updating again?