Code editor is not loading

I am doing the C++ course and I am on the ‘Initializing a variable’ tutorial but the code editor is not loading, I am not able to skip that tutorial and go ahead either. What do I do?

I’ve got the same problem with the Build a Website course. Maybe it’s a problem with the website.

Same here! Might be the site?

same issue, do they have a status page, if stuff isn’t working?

Seems like it, I’ve now seen two other threads about the same problem.

I was having this issue and posted in the other thread. The next lesson just loaded for me, so hopefully it’s fixed now.

I’m having the same issue with this specific page:
It’s preventing me from moving forwards

Whoa looks like things are working again

Sorry about the hiccup everyone. Glad to see it’s working again. This one seem closed now, @mattliv?