Code Editor in Middleware for Intensive Course annoying bug!

I am going through the Learn Express Module for the Codecademy Intensive API Course with JavaScript and have encountered a very frustrating bug. It could be on my end but either way I need help solving this before I melt in frustration.

In the code editor anytime I am typing out code or editing code the cursor will randomly return to beginning of the script while I am typing and add whatever I am typing to the first line of the code editor. It is very annoying because I then I have to delete that code and scroll back down to the line I was previously and begin typing my code again. It has gotten to the point where I can’t focus on just coding I have to delete erroneously placed code on line 1 of code editor and find line I was on and retype the code. Sometimes it will happen in succession and becomes very frustrating .

I would greatly appreciate any help this is very frustrating.

Thank you

Hi Salvador, have you brought this up in your Slack group for your Pro Intensive?

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I have the same problem, I’ve mentioned it numerous times in slack, but never get a response, this issue makes trying to complete coding exercises many times more difficult than it needs to be. I now use another editor and just copy/paste into the browser editor, as it’s just too painful to use.

Very disappointing experience.

Hi John and Salvador,

In that case, the best thing for you to do after posting in Slack would be reaching out to our support staff, here.

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Hi oduffy,

Thanks for replying, I’ve opened a support ticket for Unit #4 of the Pro Intensive course for
Building Web API’s from scratch.

Out of all the Units, I felt that Unit #4 felt the least cohesive, I am actually going to reset my progress
On it and go through Unit #4 again this weekend.

There’s a definite problem with the editor. Also (this is potentially a bit subjective), the way some of
the topics are covered just didn’t feel very cohesive to me, as someone new to Node.JS, JavaScript and
websites in general, I felt that this unit just felt a bit rushed, compared with everything else we’ve covered,
it’s such an important topic as well, if someone flounders here, they’re going to be in very big trouble.

This of course, just my opinion and is no more important than anyone else’s opinion, but I feel I should
Report my feedback.

Overall though, I’m happy with the course, we’ve covered a LOT and there’s still quite a bit to get stuck
Into, I’m looking forward to completing the SQL units and then getting stuck into the big capstone
projects, which I imagine are going to be tough (they should be tough!).

Kind Regards,

John O’Neill

Thanks John! We’re assembling information on this bug and think we have a fix for it – stay tuned!


Hello oduffy,

Thanks you for the help I will definitely reach out to the support staff.

Thanks a million,