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Can't understand what's happening!! I make exercises from Lesson 1 Code Challenges. They seem easy, but there appear very strange mistakes! Please, tell me, what's wrong with them (or with me). Uploading...



Your image wasn't uploaded and you posted the message,

please try again,

also please paste in your code and error



Even if my video suits to all conditions of site codeacademy it's impossible to upload it. Then, it's strange: if I copy some frases, i.e. the text inside the tags or "https://...." to put it in the , and NOT type them from the keyboard, the system doesn't see them and counts my answer WRONG!!


You want to upload a video here on the forum ? Its not possible you will have to upload elsewhere and link it in here,

I can help you if you paste in your code, error and lesson URL


But why?? When I try to do this, it's written amongst different files .AVI!! And AVI are VIDEOS!!


I'm not sure, maybe the size or something,

But I don't see any video's in this forum ..

Could you please give me the following so I can help you: paste in your code, error and lesson URL



The URL to this challenge please


How to do this??? I can't insert the link!


I saw the link and then you deleted,

It's fine, I went to the challenges and I started doing them I copied and pasted the text I didn't get any error


Very strange! Do you copy+paste the text that should be inside the tags or input them with the keyboard?


The URL to this challenge please else this topic will be unlisted.


I typed the tags and pasted the text just as you did, I received no error,

Maybe it has something to do with your computer's language


He pasted then removed, here's it:


Oh, ok. At least now I know what to do. Thanks!


OKay so it worked ? and try pasting as plain text CTRL+SHIFT+V


Yes, it works. But only if I paste with the keyboard, not with the mouse!