Code Challenges - JavaScript Fundamentals

Hi all,

Really new to all this and trying to get my head round JavaScript.

I can follow the teachings OK, the projects not too bad and get top marks in the tests but when it came to the challenges bit I was really clueless. Like I couldn’t really get my head round them. I am in trouble? Haha!! Or is that normal for some people? It has got me down a but tbh.

Thanks for any feedback :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:

Hello @mega1957940274, welcome to the forums!

It’s normal for everyone! The programming concepts you’re learning weren’t created in a day, so don’t expect to learn them in a day; just keep working through the lessons. If you find yourself becoming stuck, just go back through them; take as long as you feel you need. Also, take breaks. Walk away, come back later with fresh eyes-it really helps!


Yes, it is very normal - everyone goes through a learning curve with coding!
Just keep at it everyday and don’t give up! Never compare your progress with someone else - it will always disappoint you! :slight_smile:

I’ve been coding for awhile and sometimes I get stumped on easy coding challenges but like @codeneutrino mentioned, sometimes you gotta walk away and come back with fresh-eyes, and when you do, you can usually Rock it!

Best of luck and Happy coding!


Thanks you so much for the encouragement, was just a bit disheartening not being able to do the first challenges but i’ll keep at it!!



I think this is normal.
Your situation sounds incredibly like my own.
The course material I am understanding. The mini labs I can get through without issue. Maybe because you get your hand held in the instructions.
The quiz no problem.
The labs at first were good. Then I hit ‘mini linter’ in the iterator section and BANG. I couldn’t get past certain questions. That kind of destroyed my moral for a couple of days, as I thought I was understanding the concepts of that section, but in truth I could not write any of that code without guided assistance.
Its a section I know I need to brush up on, but I did what I could and used the video help, I do aim to come back to it later on and fix it up. But at least tomorrow I will start fresh and continue with the next module.

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