Code Challenges: JavaScript Fundamentals - agreeOrDisagree()

I am doing the agreeOrDisagree() code challenge for JavaScript and I am having some trouble figuring this one out.

my code is below:

// Write your function here:
const agreeOrDisagree() = (string1, string2) => {
if(‘yep’ != ‘nope’);
return ‘You disagree’
} if(‘yep’ === ‘yep’)
return ‘You agree!’

agreeOrDisagree(‘yep’, ‘yep’);

I keep getting the error: SyntaxError: Missing initializer in const declaration

but I’m not sure what the syntax error is??

You could start with less code and add things back, running it after each small change.

Try removing the parenthesis after agreeOrDisagree ‘()’ cause your parameters are deckared after the ‘=’ sign.

const agreeOrDisagree = (first, second) => {

first = Math.floor(Math.random()*3);
second = Math.floor(Math.random()*5);


if (first === second) {
return ‘You agree!’;
} else {
return ‘You disagree!’;

I wrote it like this strictly for testing, but it works! Took me a few tries to get it