please can someone help me what i do wrong in the last step when i had create a eatTooManyTreats function when i try to run this function by call it like this : const dolf = dogFactory(‘Dolf’,‘pitbull’,10)
console.log(dolf.eatTooManyTreats()) it run me “undefined” please can someone help me to fix it and this my code below :

// Write your code here:
const dogFactory = (name, breed, weight) => {
 return {
      get name(){
   return this._name
 set name(newName) { = newName
    get breed() {
     return this._breed
   set breed (newBreed) {
    this.breed = newBreed
  get weight() {
       return this._weight
     set weight(newWeight) {
     this.weight = newWeight
       return "ruff! ruff!"
     eatTooManyTreats() {
const dolf = dogFactory('Dolf','pitbull',10)


Your eatTooManyTreats() function doesn’t really return anything, it’s just assigning a new value to the weight attribute of your object.

When you do this:

You are basically trying to log whatever value that call to the function returns, but since it doesn’t return anything, undefined is logged to the console.

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