Code Challenge: String Methods question

In the context of the Code Challenge for String Methods (Python), the challenge is as written.

Write a function called unique_english_letters that takes the string word as a parameter. The function should return the total number of unique letters in the string. Uppercase and lowercase letters should be counted as different letters.

We’ve given you a list of every uppercase and lower case letter in the English alphabet. It will be helpful to include that list in your function.

Since this challenge is related to practicing the use of string methods, I’m wondering why the provided solution to this challenge does not actually use any. I tried to find more information about how one could use the .count() method to find the total unique characters in a given string, but was unsuccessful and ended up coming up with the same solution as provided as the challenge solution. Without giving away the solution to this challenge outright, I do want to ask if there is a way to use the .count() method to count unique characters in a string in the context of this challenge.

Whilst you probably could I think it would be a little bit of a mess. The .count() method (link to docs) is set up to find non-repeating counts of a ‘substring’ within a string. So you’d be calling .count multiple times. I can’t think of a nice way to use that method.

I’m not actually sure if those code challenges want you to use string methods; some of them are overly simplified if you do. It’s probably worth more to you to practice solving them without using method attributes. Or maybe have solutions with both if you can (so you get practice with both approaches).