Code challenge list


Hey guys, So i been really getting into python, and I have 0 programming or computer science knowledge outside of code academy. So I been doing the computer science path and im on part 3, flow, data and iteration, and at the part Code: Challenge list.

I took down notes on all the list variations and how to make it work and have followed the course and have understood it, but this particular quiz, I completely bombed :frowning: . So with that being said, Is there any advice or videos or tips to help me better understand this lesson? I’d hate to move on without fully understanding. I mean I do, I think at the end of the day, the questions are what is confusing the ■■■■ out of me. But here is a link. Check it out. If you have any advice for this i’d greatly appreciate it!


not quite sure lol im new also and havent really done anything besides khan acebemy and thats diffrent from the coding in here lol sorry i couldnt help though i think you can do it good luck hope you dont “bomb” the quiz


Are you having equal trouble with all 10 challenges or are some in particular giving you trouble? When you attempt and don’t get the answer right away, do you use the hints and then modify your code, or have you been going straight to viewing the solution?