Code Challenge: CSS Design

Hey all, I am doing the Specificity CSS design challenge and I feel like I got the correct answer but it is not giving me credit. It showed that I should have used another style rule.

The task:

Add a ruleset in style.css to make the opacity of the paragraph, containing the text, “What will it be?”, equal to 0.5 — the only element that should change is the second <p> .

The idex.html

<!DOCTYPE html>




  <link href="style.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet">





    <p> Edit the CSS rules and change the "What will it be?" content as specified in the instructions.</p>

    <p id="question">What will it be?</p>




My CSS answer

section {

  font-family: "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Sans-serif;

  background-color: #5B9279;

  padding: 5em 3em;

  color: #EAE6E5;


h1 {

  font-size: 50px;

  font-weight: bold;


p {

  font-size: 25px;


#question {

  color: rgba(234, 230, 229, 0.5);


The answer is apparently “opacity: 0.5”
however, I thought that the lessons explained that using opacity was not always best.

That text is in a container with id="question" so that selector rule is the one in which to insert the new property.

#question {
  color: rgba(234, 230, 229, 0.5);
  opacity: 0.5;
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right, but isn’t the rgba(234, 230, 229, 0.5) already accounting for opacity? I guess I’m confused because both, what I put and what the answer is, reach the same conclusion.

Your property is correct, but does it match the expected submission?