Hi Codecademy,

Seems to be a mistake in the solutions for this challenge, its trying to compare background color. Don’t think its correct

Doesn’t your code get the check?
The solution window just highlights the differences betwenn your code and the solution, whether relevant or not.

No It does not get the checked symbol. I should have actually mentioned that as well.

Ok, then it would be best if you post all of your code (please make sure it’s properly formatted), the link to the exercise + a screenshot of the step where it’s failing. The screenshot just seems to be showing an excerpt of the code and sometimes the test fails due to something not directly related to the current step but a general syntax error.

I agree with you, thats fine, I can do that in the future thank you.
However that’s pretty much all the code there is. Its a very small document. I only added the margin and padding lines as seen in the image.