Code Challenge/C++ Functions/Palindrome - Help

This particular code challenge has an issue with the spelling of the word ‘palindrome’. When you start, you will see the following code in the editor:

#include <iostream>

// Define is_palidrome() here:

int main() {
  std::cout << is_palidrome("madam") << "\n";
  std::cout << is_palidrome("ada") << "\n";
  std::cout << is_palidrome("lovelace") << "\n";

Notice that ‘palindrome’ is spelled ‘palidrome’ throughout. In order to have your solution accepted without clicking the ‘Solution’ button, you’ll need to correct the spelling, and make sure to define your function as is_palindrome (spelled correctly). Hopefully this error will be fixed at some point @sonnynomnom.


@midlindner thanks for flagging. it’s fixed!

let me know if there are any more bugs :slight_smile:


Thanks for getting on that so fast! I greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure future lesson participants will too! :smiley: