Code Challenge: C++ Functions 5/7: Code is working but wont let me progress

Hey so i cant get past this challenge even though the code works.

Any suggestions on how i can improve on this and getting past the challenge?

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>

// Define first_three_multiples() here:
std::vector<int> first_three_multiples (int num) {

  int num1 = num * 1;
  int num2 = num * 2;
  int num3 = num * 3;

  std::vector<int> multiples = {num1, num2, num3};

  return multiples;

int main() {
  for (int element : first_three_multiples(8)) {
    std::cout << element << "\n";

It looks like you did it right. (Although I might be missing if there’s a stray syntax error here or there but it doesn’t look like it)

What error message are you getting if any? If not, I would just click view solution and keep moving since the validator seems to be hung up on something out of your control (if it runs).