Code Bits interfering with Internal Links

I have been creating a code bit, and tried using internal links in it; all the links would do is flash and nothing else. I asked for help on it, and the moderator who answered my question said, [quote=“zystvan, post:4, topic:43428”]
Hm, seems like the Codebit is interfering with default browser behavior there :confused:
It would be convenient and nice if this bug (assuming that it is a bug,) is fixed.

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Not sure if it is a bug, even if it is, it might take a while to fix

Either way, i would recommend you to download a text-editor (notepad++, sublime, atom or any other) and just make webpages on your pc. It means you can actually have multiply html pages, link them together, use pictures from your pc and so on

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I don’t use a pc I use a mac :slight_smile: but sure, I will do that.

Are you able to release the webpages to the general public on most (or some) of those texteditors?

pc is a abbreviation, it means: personal computer. Macs are still personal computers. laptops are also personal computers.

netbeans, sublime text, brackets, atom, eclipse, vim, emacs

I am sure there are more. Not sure all of them work on mac. sublime, brackets, atom, vim and emacs do. i think


Even if a mac could be considered a pc, it still isn’t because I use the family computer. My Brother and I use it most of the time, and my Dad every decade or so, but he does his main work on his own computers. I’m pretty sure that notepad++ works on mac as well, but thx a lot, I will definelity look into those.

personal in this sense refers that the pc is not own by a company or government. Even a family pc is still a personal pc. (you guys own it). Either way, doesn’t really matter.

No, notepad++ is windows only software. Plus, it is not that great. Go with with atom or sublime. If you love the keyboard and hate the mouse go with vim or emacs


And if I hate the keyboard and love the mouse? Joking there, but I will check them out. One more thing, are most of these text-editors free?

emacs, vim and atom are licensed under the GNU public license. So they are free in both ways. Sublime is a “unlimited” free trail, from time to time giving a popup to buy it.

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So basically, use either emacs, vim, or atom, and stay away from sublime.

no, sublime is fine as well. Just don’t buy it. And if it shows a small popup just press the escape key. It is only once a couple of minutes after startup

Ok, I will look into it and see which one its me best, thx a lot for all the help :slight_smile:

i got Make sure your tags only contains ‘Impact’ and nothing else! this error how can i solve this??’

By making a new topic, and then use the template to make a good quality question

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