Code Attempt

Hello Everybody! I’ve just recently begun using Code Academy Pro (though I think my account is an old 1 I created a long time ago). I decided to attempt a .txt document and took it to to try and have it displayed and it didn’t work. I’m pasting it below, could anyone tell me what I did wrong?

<!DOCTYPE html>
      Written by <a href="mailto:INSERT EMAIL HERE”>INSERT NAME HERE</a><br> 
      Visit us at:<br>
      <a href=“”></a><br>
      <title>Hello World!
      <title>This is my First HTML Script.
      <p>I have only just recently begun my coding adventure using code academy but every step has been a delight thus far. This is my first attempt at writing HTML script outside of <a href=“”></a>.


EDIT FOR: Sorry I’d left some personal info in the code like my name and place of employment. Just pretend the INSERT EMAIL HERE, INSERT NAME HERE, and INSERT ADDRESS HERE parts are actually the relevant info.

Hello, @lcrowhurst1, and welcome to the forums. Not sure what is, but your code contains non-standard quotation marks (probably from copy/pasting to/from different editors/sources). The only standard quotation marks are the first ones following href=" the rest aren’t recognized as quotation marks, so the browser sees nothing but a long string that hasn’t been closed following the only recognizable quotation marks.